Weekly Cleaning Routine

To avoid wasting my entire weekend cleaning the house, I decided to distribute my weekend cleaning routine on a daily basis and convert it to a weekly cleaning routine.

However, before I begin, let me just share with you our current living situation. We live with my aunt (she’s single and she was one of those who raised us when we were kids and she’s N’s spoiler). 

The house has a lot of rooms including an extension office, where I normally report if I do not have clients to meet up with. 

My aunt employs 2 helpers and a driver. I employ my former yaya as N’s yaya now. So with that, laundry, ironing, cooking, and washing of the dishes, are not on my list of chores. 

And since the only chore I know is really just to clean – I focus on that. 

There are five main areas that I usually clean –  pantry/refrigerator, TV room, our bedroom, our restroom, and the hallway upstairs. 

Also, I go to work from Mondays to Fridays, until 6:30pm. I normally start cleaning after dinner – around 8pm. I usually end at 8:30-9pm.

So with that, let me share with you, my weekly cleaning routine.

There is a method to this madness. I swear 🙂

Sundays usually mean a fresh start for me. So everything has to be clean, planned for the start of the week. Given that, freshly-ironed clothes are sorted and arranged in our cabinets and drawers. I also change our towels and our bedsheets on Sundays. The kids’ snack boxes are fixed. I also plan out our outfit for the entire week to avoid rushing out and being late in the morning. Our weekly budget is usually planned out during Sundays, as well. 

I decided that Mondays will be devoted to cleaning/ dusting the bookshelf, the shoe cabinet, and under the bed organizers, inside the room. I go to work on weekdays and Mondays are usually a busy day for us at the office. The bookshelf, the shoe cabinet, and the under the bed organizers are the easiest areas to clean. 

Tuesdays will now be reserved for the dusting of the TV cabinet and the art supplies cabinet. The TV cabinet contains a lot of our knick-knacks and therefore harder to clean than the bookshelf. This also tends to accumulate the most number of clutter as the days progress because our clutter box is still being fixed. 

Wednesdays are for cleaning our restroom. N’s Yaya cleans the bowl, the sink, and the tiles everyday. I take care of arranging the supplies and ensuring that we still have enough toiletries in the bathroom. Since the hallway is infront of the bathroom, I clean that as well. Sorting papers (M and N’s exam papers/school papers, bills, etc).

On Thursdays, I fix our toiletries cabinet. I usually list down the groceries (toiletries in particular, then I also check the pantry to list down the food/drinks) needed for next week. I also dust the book/arts and crafts cabinet.

On Fridays, I work on the TV room. M usually has her friends over during the weekend so I ensure that the TV room’s clean. I also dust and organize the toy cabinet in the TV room. I make sure to rotate N’s toys every two weeks.

On Saturdays, I finally work on our geek cabinet. This takes a long time as there are a lot of small stuff that go with the figures. After the kids’ swim class, I usually go to the grocery (or I do this on Sundays, depending on my mood). After getting the groceries, I work on cleaning the refrigerator and the pantry. I throw out expired food. I sort the food depending on how we normally use them (as snacks, breakfast meal, for the kids’ baon). 

There. I hope that this would really make me enjoy my weekends more and have more time to concentrate on the kids. ❤️

Ciao ❤


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