Disappointments and Growing Up

I have been waiting for ToyCon 2016 since ToyCon 2015 ended. When they announced the price increase in entrance fee and the change in venues (from Mega to MOA), I was still 100% sure that I will go. Toys and comic books are what keep me sane. I can spend hours at these types of convention. What a normal 30yo woman feels when she shops for clothes, bags, shoes, or make-up, that’s what I feel when I shop for toys and comic books. 

Anyway, I was deciding whether to pursue buying the VIP Pass worth Php3500 and get Hodor’s signature and have my photo taken with him, or just the regular day pass worth Php500 and spend the remaining budget I already set aside for ToyCon for toys I might want to buy. And that is why I haven’t bought my ticket yet and why I was just planning to purchase it there.

Anyway, I just enrolled M for Grade 5 last Friday morning. When I reviewed the money that we spent for the enrollment of the two kids, their tuition fee, their books and other materials/school supplies that they will be needing, and their school shoes, I couldn’t believe how much money we’ve shelled out just for this month. 

And then when I arrived home from a Client meeting (which I attended after enrolling her), my kids told me that they wanted to continue studying swimming, gymnastics (for M), and taekwondo (for N) even when school starts. They begged me that they really want to.

The kids are both excelling in swimming. They both got awards at the swimming graduation yesterday. M’s gymnastics coach wants to train her for a meet so they can be promoted to Level 1 already. N recently earned a yellow stripe on his white belt and his Coach wants to train him more because they see potential in him. 

A bit of information on how we manage our finances: We are both mid-income earners. My husband pays for the kids’ tuition fee and takes care of all our  needs. I pay for the wants (the shopping, movies, restaurants dates), and the groceries. So when the kids want to take extra classes, it’s usually me who pays for it as those are considered as wants and not needs.

And that’s when my heart did a double take. Do I really need more toys? Because I can use my ToyCon budget to enroll the kids in their swimming, gymnastics, and taekwondo classes. 

I weighed it carefully. When I go to that ToyCon, I will be ecstatic. I have been waiting for it for a year now. But when I use that budget to enroll the kids instead to their extra curricular classes, I know that they will be very happy. 

It boiled down to me or my kids. 

And yes, of course, the kids won. 

Who am I to deny my kids their right to hone their skills more and to maximize their potentials? 

And besides, my kids are my greatest achievements in life. When I had them, I promised myself that I would do everything to give them what they need as long as I can. Their failure and success would be my failure and success. Their disappointments and happiness are mine as well. 
So there, I am terribly disappointed that I was unable to go to the ToyCon. My very loving husband wanted to pay for my ticket but I could not let him. It would defeat the purpose of me choosing the kids’ happiness over mine. (I know you’ll be reading this, and I hope you understand).

I cried a little while writing this post. But hey, I’m a big girl. And there will always be next year. 😊 

And with that, after 9 years of being an actual one, I now know what it truly feels to be a parent and to grow up. 



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