Cleaning Out My Closet 

Literally, I did this earlier, and unlike Eminem’s song, this has no emotional baggages or whatever.

After being inspired by blogs and videos decluttering items which no longer bring them “joy”, I started decluttering our items, particularly our clothes. We were left with a few pieces of clothing, which we used often.

After seeing the decluttered closet (me and my husband share one – yes, we’re not that fond of clothes), I still was unhappy. It still looks disorganized. And so I started to work on it earlier.

This is how the closet looks like after I removed all my clothes (I forgot to take a pic of it with my clothes still in it).

My clothes are supposed to be on the right side, my husband’s clothes on the left and our shirts in between. Towels and M’s bedsheets on top. Our bedsheets at the bottom of my side, and other clothing items on my husband’s side. Some papers on the right and hats, etc on the left door.

After 2 hours, this is how it turned out:

Top: I used my extra bin (similar to the bins at the bottom) to house my kids’ towels. I change our towels every 3 days. Our towels are behind that bin. M’s bedsheets (the matching pillow cases and blankets are inside each pillowcase) and fluffy blankets are on the other side. With the kids’ towels now inside the bin, it looks much more cleaner.

I might buy two more similar looking bins to house our towels and M’s bedsheets/blankets. That would look better, right?

My husband’s clothes are still on the left side of the cabinet. I used all our black hangers for his clothes. It looks nicer and more put together that way. His clothes are arranged by function (his preference). So all his dress suits are inside those blue suit organizers which we bought in SM for around 200 pesos each), these are immediately followed by his polo shirts, short sleeved polos, and long sleeved polos. The items closest to our shirt organizers are his sweaters and his jackets.

My clothes, which are on the right side of the closet, are arranged by color. It’s easier to choose that way. I dress according to my mood. So the darker the color, the more tired I am that day. 😛

As for the shirt organizer in the middle, my husband’s white and black shirts are on top. His other colored shirts are on the second layer. My shirts are on the third layer while the kids’ most often used jackets are in the fourth one. M’s gymnastics clothes are in the bottom layer.

Our bedsheets are still in the similar bin. Like M’s bedsheets, ours are already matchingly arranged, with all matching bedsheets, blankets, and pillowcases, inside a pillowcase. It’s easier to change bedsheets that way.

The pink bag infront of the large bin are N’s cloth diapers, which I cannot bear to part with yet, and our linen spray, which I bought from Gourdo’s.

There are 4 matching bins beside the large bin. The ones behind are our seasonal clothings, with one bin storing our thick jackets while the other bin stores our swim wears.

The bin closest to the largest bin are my pants, skirts, shorts, etc., while the bin behind it houses my husband’s pants and shorts.

You may notice that I arrange our shirts and bottoms similarly. It makes choosing what you need easier and it stays more organized longer than storing these on top of each other.

Lastly, here is the left side of the cabinet.

The SM bag has our hats/caps, which we do not use often. The kids’ Kidzania passports and extra Kidzos are also hanged at this side.

And here is the right side of the cabinet.

I threw away papers which we do not use anymore. And kept these.

The first four pockets are our knick knacks. My dart pins, erasers for our whiteboard, and some fans. The next four pockets are for the kids’ ID pics, batteries, and marker for myc chalkboard stickers.

The last 8 pockets are some of the envelopes that we use to organize our finances. Receipts, PDCs, proof of warranty, and expenses envelopes are here too.

Anyway, I’m happier with how the closet looks like now. ❤️

I’m glad I cleaned my closet today.



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