Our Pre Valentine’s and Post Monthsary Date :)

Since my husband has to work on Valentine’s day, we celebrated it yesterday during his day off from work. Of course, we had to bring Miakka along with us. 🙂

We first went to Miriam CSC to submit the requirements for assessment. Her assessment is scheduled on February 25. I hope she makes it as it is now too late to look into our second option: ISYC. Their slots are now all reserved. If she won’t make it, our third option would be St. Paul Pasig.

After that, since we already got her Toy Kingdom Amazing Card and wanted to use it, we went to SM Megamall. 🙂

All hers. 🙂

She asked me if she can use it to buy toys like what I do with my cards. LOL. “Anak, hindi credit card yan.” 🙂

At 3, she knows how to write her name unaided already. 🙂

She actually knows how to write Ryumi Miakka but sadly it won’t fit na.

We first had a late lunch at Amici. Sadly, the little girl was not in the mood for anything Italian and requested for her favorite doughnut at Starbucks instead. 😦

Look at how much she likes it 🙂

After that, we went to her two most favorite stores: Powerbooks and Toy Kingdom and got her the following:

I know that we promised not to buy her anymore dolls but with the 200php off from the coupon that came with the TK card plus because of it being the latest model and the fact that my daughter loves designing stuff, this was perfect for her. 🙂 This is our hearts’ day gift for her already. 🙂

Little Einsteins Books from Powerbooks

Oh, and look at one of my gifts for daddy this hearts’ day:

Naruto Manga no. 47

After almost 2months of waiting for it, finally 🙂

And this is what he got for me:

The “Archie Marries Veronica – Archie Marries Betty” complete series!

A perfect addition to my collection. Finished reading everything last night. 🙂 Hmmm, I like Veronica’s version better than Betty’s. Betty’s was sad and full of insecurities and weird.

There, advance Happy Hearts’ day everyone. 🙂


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