On Jackets and Silliness :)

My signature get-up when I was in college was Jeans-Shirt-rubber shoes-and JACKET. Since I was a part of the college dance troupe, the jacket was a must. 🙂

Whether it’s sunny or rainy, I have to wear one or have one in case of emergency – dancing emergency. Wearing it just adds up to my confidence and “angst” while dancing.

While cleaning up Miakka’s closet, I noticed that my baby owns a number of jackets already as well.

So, we decided to be a little bit silly before finally sending her off to dreamland and had a little pictorial of our own.

Wearing her first ever jacket

She had this jacket when she was just 4 months old. I don’t really know why this fits her still, am just thankful that it just does 🙂

Her Pink Gymboree Jacket 🙂

It was a gift from Ate JP when Miakka was just a year old 🙂

This was her 2nd jacket. 🙂 She had this when she was barely one and yet this is still a bit big for her. I swear she’s not small for her age in terms of height.

One of my impulsive buys 🙂

A Gap Kids Vest

She’s a reporter daw 🙂

“I Know what we’re gonna do today :)”

I think she’ll look nice if she’s a boy ano? 🙂

Her Hannah Montana Jacket 🙂

Although the jacket’s from Barbie. 🙂 Pang rockstar daw kasi 🙂

Her fave jacket so far 🙂

From KOB 🙂



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